Nov 5, 2010

Conservative and Republican third party groups flood the election with cash

The many Democratic voters who sat out Tuesday’s elections because they don’t think mid-terms are important don’t share that view with third party special interest groups who spent a near record amount of cash on the 2010 election.

Open Secrets said, as of Oct. 28, that the Center’s research indicates that all outside groups have spent $455 million to influence the election, and that’s more than the money spent to influence the presidential election in 2004. They needed to spend another $130 million during this election cycle to match the record spent in the 2008 presidential election. They may have already done that, and the numbers have not yet been added up.

OS reports that “overall this cycle, outside groups,” including the national Republican and Democratic Party committees, “unions, trade associations, nonprofits and “super PACs” such as American Crossroads, have so far favored Republicans. Conservative-oriented groups have spent $1.34 for every $1 liberal-affiliated groups have spent.”

If you take out the political parties, these independent non-party-committee organizations have also spent more this cycle than they did six years ago: $280 million this cycle versus $200 million in 2004. Not only that, but the gap between Republican-aligned and conservative groups and Democratic-aligned and liberal groups is even larger.

OS reports that so far this election season, third party Republicans spent $2.12 for every $1 that Democratic-aligned and liberal groups have spent, according to the Center’s analysis.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling earlier this year, these groups have been able to raise unlimited contributions for political messages, and OS said numerous corporations and wealthy individuals have invested millions to fund advertisements this year. Funding political advertisements with such high-dollar donations was previously illegal.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce pumped millions and millions of dollars of unregulated and untraceable cash into Republican coffers that most likely came from foreign companies and governments. The chamber refused to tell the American people where it came from; telling us to just trust them. I’m sure lots of the money came from companies and governments where American jobs are being outsourced and going to Republicans who support outsourcing.


The said...

And your point is?
Why is it OK for a newspaper(A Corporation) to back a candidate but not another corp?
You lib's spent all your monies in Mi fighting off Dillion and had 0 for the general election.
You lost it all in Michigan for the single reason of Obama.

Communications guru said...

Seriously? I need to tell you? Not only that, but on the precious post your buddy anonymous wimp lied and said “Democrats spent more money this year than the Republicans did. “ That debunks that lie.

A newspaper, a corporation, doesn’t “back a candidate.” The editorial board endorses a candidate. They don’t give them money like Faux “news” does. Although I will admit less and less newspapers are independent and get their endorsement instructions from corporate headquarters. That’s why the media is conservative.

We lost Michigan because we can’t match the massive amounts of corporate cash to counter the lies put out by Republicans.

Johnny C said...

How can unions equal the massive amount of money that multinational corporations can spend? The unions spent between 80 to 90 million and the corporations spent three times as much.

Three billionaires help Karl Rove's group get over 50 million, the chamber spent what 70 million in the month of September(Guru will correct me if I'm wrong) Fox News gave the RGA 1 million dollars which fund the false attack ads against Virg Bernero. And Fox News gave another million to the Chamber.

And I got a report on my blog detailing what Fox News has done for the Republicans this election cycle.