Feb 2, 2010

Republicans play to teabaggers with committee hearing

With all the people in Lansing tomorrow to both hear the Governor’s final State of the Sate speech and protest it, you might want to come early and take in a couple of interesting committee meetings.

In fact, at least one may have been scheduled with that in mind as teabaggers trickle in to protest on the Capitol lawn. The newly formed Senate Reform and Restructuring Committee will hold a hearing at 11 a.m. Wednesday after the Senate session on the anti-union and anti-public employee bills disguised as the Senate Republican’s idea of government reform.

The so-called government reforms the Senate Republicans introduced were nothing more than pay cuts that will kill collective bargaining in Michigan, and this is the second hearing of this committee. The hearing will be held in the Senate Hearing Room in the Boji Tower. It’s not hard to miss; it’s the tallest building In Lansing, and it’s located right across from the Capitol. The meetings are public, but if you can’t be there it will also be broadcast live on the Senate web site.

Later in the day at 3 p.m. the Senate Health Policy Committee will hold a hearing on Senate Joint Resolutions K and R. These two show resolutions are almost identical, and they do little but play to the fringe of the Republican Party in an election year. It’s no coincidence that one of the sponsors is running for the U.S. House.

The useless resolutions would amend the Michigan Constitution and states “that no federal law shall compel any person, employer or health care provider to participate in any public or private health care system.” The resolution also says “the purchase or sale of health insurance or coverage in private health care systems shall not be prohibited by federal law or rule.” It will also be in the Hearing Room in the Boji Tower. As of now it is not being televised.

We have seen this kind of theatrical performance legislation by Senate Republicans, and it never goes anywhere, nor will these resolutions.

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