Feb 26, 2010

Michigan International Speedway (MIS) goes smokefree

Michigan’s new workplace smoking ban goes into effect on May 1, and Michigan International Speedway (MIS) in Brooklyn is also going smokefree.

Racetrack officials announced on Wednesday that all grandstand seating, mezzanines, concession and restroom buildings, suites and chalets at the popular racetrack will be smokefree in 2010. Smokers may choose to smoke in open-air areas behind the grandstands, in the New Holland Fan Plaza and in campgrounds.

“Not only are we adhering to the law, but we are addressing a growing number of concerns from our race fans who do not smoke,” said MIS President Roger Curtis in a press release announcing the change. “Race fans who smoke, can still do so in approved areas.”

The ban will be in effect by the first race on June 11.

Signs will be posted throughout the grandstands, reminding fans of non-smoking areas. Anyone who does not adhere to the new smoke-free policy will be subject to fines by state and county enforcement officials who are on site during race weekends.

“MIS ushers and security will monitor the grandstand seats, and we fully expect our fans to police each other,” Curtis said. “We will have a number of avenues in place for fans to notify us, including our text messaging service as well as notifying security, if someone around them is smoking in the grandstands or suites.”

The two-mile oval in scenic Irish Hills generates more than $400 million in total economic activity every year.

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