Oct 27, 2009

Calling all cars: its crunch time in the 19th District

It’s crunch time. The Nov. 3 Special Election for the vacant seat in the 19th State Senate District is less than a week away, and Michigan and Rep. Martin Griffin, D-Jackson, need our help.

The campaign is gearing up for the all important “get-out-the-vote,” and special elections are won by the candidate who gets his people to the polls. The Republicans are spending money like a drunken sailor to win the race, and as a former drunken sailor, I know of what I speak.

They are paying for volunteers, and you can’t turn on a Lansing or Jackson TV station and not see a TV commercial from the GOP opponent. He has at least two different commercials, and all are complete lies. He’s floating the lie that the new Michigan State Police building had something to do with the layoff of state Troopers. Expect that lie to be used next November, too. He’s also pushing the Cobo Hall tale, and he’s even trying to acciuse Griffin of voting for federal legislation.

The Griffin campaing is asking people to volunteer beginning on Friday to Election Day on Tuesday. They need people to go door-to-door, make phone calls or any other task needed.

Sign up today.


Not Anonymous said...

Give it up. It's a lost cause. Nofs will win easily. The only question is, if it will be embarassing for the tax and spend Griffin.

Communications guru said...

OK. If you say so I’ll give up. That will never happen. Funny, over on wrongmichigan.com they are saying the exact same thing about Nofs.

Not Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be a site called wrongmichigan.com

You must have lied again.

Communications guru said...

Sorry anonymous. I have never lied.