Oct 13, 2009

‘Act Now or Forever Hold Your Breath’ campaign launched

Now that the bulk of the budget bills are out of the way, it’s time for the Michigan Legislature to take action on the long overdue workplace smoking ban.

The Campaign for Smokefree Air has launched the “Act Now or Forever Hold Your Breath” grassroots campaign aimed at refocusing lawmakers’ attention back to protecting Michigan residents from the deadly impact of secondhand smoke. It’s a six week intensified grassroots effort to get lawmakers to finally pass a comprehensive smokefree bill.

People need to send an email to leadership, call your own representative, meet your senator at their coffee hour, or write on your lawmaker’s Facebook page. Part of the six week effort will be a new task and challenge each week, and the first task to call 888-NOW-I-CAN to be transferred to your State Representative’s office and tell them you want smokefree air now.

In May the House approved House Bill 4377 with bipartisan support that bans smoking in casinos and so-called cigar bars. The Senate says it favors a bill with no exceptions, but it has refused to act on any bill.

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