Aug 24, 2009

‘Freedom Fest’ censors speech

We already know the Astroturf “tea parties” are fake and the disruption of townhall meetings conducted by Democratic members of Congress are scripted by the same right wing lobbying groups, but now we find out a recent “Freedom Fest” is not free.

On Sunday, a so-called “Freedom Fest” was held at the Main Bar in Ovid, organized by the likes of rightwing extremist Howell School Board member Wendy Day. But it was not free, and a person who dared to ask a question and insert some reality into the anti-government and anti-President Obama rhetoric was thrown out by police.

Some Livingston County residents may remember Tom Ford when he ran for the state Senate seat in 2001 vacated by Mike Rogers when he was elected to Congress. He dared to ask a brief question and a comment, and he was escorted out by police.

Freedom of speech is not a cherished right of conservatives. It’s OK for them to shout down people at townhall meetings, but they can’t stand the slightest bit of reality and dissent.

However, it was their event, and I can understand if he was disrupting it like the tea baggers were disrupting the townahall meetings, then he should have been escorted out. That was not the case, and if it were not caught on video by WILX, they would be making that claim.

I attended Camp Millie training with Mr. Ford a few years ago, and there is not a more peaceful man. He is a retired Catholic school teacher and a peace activitist.

Ford said wrote the organizers when he heard about the “Freedom Fest,” and asked them for 3 minutes of speaking time as a contrast to what other speakers were going to present, thinking freedom really meant that. He was turned down, and so he went to the event and paid his $5 bucks where he was arrested.

It amazes me how afraid right-wingers are to defend their ideas, and their attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with them.


ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

The wingnuts do love their echo chambers.

Communications guru said...

Exactly, that’s why it’s the corporate, conservative media.