Aug 23, 2009

Campaign to take back the Michigan Senate in full gear

BLACKMAN TOWNSHIP -- I knocked on my first door Saturday in the quest to take back the Michigan Senate from the obstructionist Republicans, knocking on doors with Rep. Martin Griffin, D-Jackson, in his race for the 19th District that represents Calhoun and Jackson counties that was vacated with the election of Sen. Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, to the U.S. House in November.

The unusually cool August weather made it a pleasant day; although the Jackson County township subdivision with no sidewalks and long sloping driveways gave me a great workout. It was also cool to get a mini-tour of Jackson with the former mayor of the city where Griffin is very popular.

I also discovered the coolest book store in downtown Jackson called The Book Exchange, and there were rooms and rooms filled with used books.

The reception was very warm, and many people said they are supporting him. We didn’t restrict the canvassing to just Democrats and independents, so that was a good sign. Only one guys said he would not vote for him, but he wasn’t even on he walking list; his wife was.

I was surprised at the number of people who were not aware of the special election. We will really need to work hard on our get out the vote efforts, and it will be even more important in a special election. That will be even harder with the announcement last week that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Michigan State Council endorsed the Republican in the race.

Apparently, they have not heard about the bills pending in Michigan Senate to make Michigan a right to work for less state introduced by Senate Republicans that is just an excuse to break unions. Apparently, the Republican is a former police officer and the SEIU represents corrections officers. I can’t think of another reason.

Republicans enjoy a slight 21-16 majority in the Senate, despite more people voting for Democrats in the last Senate election in 2006. The Senate is where good legislation and policy go to die. We saw an example last week of how they continue to put politics above helping Michigan with their 10th Amendment show.

Just in this session alone that just began in January, Senate Republicans have blocked meaningful Legislation that includes the workplace smoking ban many people have been clamoring for, laws to make voting easier that has bipartisan support and were passed in the House, redlining for auto insurance and the unemployment bills that will give Michigan families running out of unemployment access to $140 million in federal funds.

We need your help to make Michigan a better place. There are organized walks every Wednesday and Thursday at 5 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10 a.m. Walking is great exercise, and if you like meeting people and care about Michigan, volunteer at one of the offices, and not just for walking.

Martin Griffin for State Senate (Calhoun office)
38 Michigan Ave E.
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 425-4333

Martin Griffin for State Senate (Jackson office)
218 S. Mechanic St
Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 392-0800

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