Nov 6, 2008

News of DWI arrest of incumbent Republican House member does not break until after election

Two days after the election, subscription only MIRS is reporting that Rep. Kevin Green, R-Wyoming, was arrested for Driving While Impaired (DWI) in an incident that occurred some two weeks ago in Saginaw Township.

Speculation by the online newspaper is that it would not have had an effect on the election in the predominantly Republican area near Grand Rapids, but that should have been up to voters. He won with 62 percent of the vote, but I wonder why it was not reported in the Grand Rapids Press or the Saginaw News.

Green is the Republican Caucus Whip, and he was mentioned as a candidate to succeed term-limited Craig DeRoche as the House Minority Leader. What this will do to that candidacy is also unknown. In fact, the Republican caucus, as well as the Democratic caucus, is meeting right now to possibly elect new leadership for the upcoming session that begins January 6.

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