Nov 14, 2008

Freshman Livingston County Rep elected to leadership position in GOP House

Even though he has not yet been sworn in, Bill Rogers was elected to a leadership position Thursday in the Republican House Caucus, tapped as the Assistant Minority Floor Leader.

The position does not carry much responsibility when you are in the minority party, but it's unusual that a freshman is elected to a leadership position. However, in the era of term limits three incoming freshman Representatives were chosen for three of the seven leadership positions for the 43 seat GOP caucus. The Democrats won nine seats in the election to increase their advantage to 67-43. The person Rogers replaced, term-limited Chris Ward, was the Floor Leader when Republicans controlled the House, but he was ousted after he voted for the income tax increase last fall to avoid a government shutdown.

I got to know Rogers when I covered the Livingston County Board of Commissioners, and he is a competent, friendly and respectful man. Prior to being elected to the House to represent Livingston County's 66th District, he was the chair of the Board of Commissioners. However, he was clearly bested in the debates during the election.

The election seems somewhat surprising when you consider how much experience fellow freshman Livingston County colleague, Cindy Denby, has after serving as a legislative aide to Rep. Joe Hune, whom she replaces to represent the 47th House District.

Name to lead the GOP caucus Thursday as the House Republican Leader was Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer, R- Bellaire. Elected by his colleagues as the House Minority Floor Leader was Rep. Dave Hildenbrand, R-Lowell; chosen as House Minority Assistant Speaker was Rep. Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive; chosen as Caucus Chair was incoming freshman Eileen Kowall, R-White Lake; and chosen as Assistant Caucus Chair was incoming freshman Larry DeShazor, R-Kalamazoo.

Despite facing a drunk driving charge and being asked to resign by some Republican colleagues, Rep. Kevin Green, R- Wyoming, was elected as Minority Whip.


Anonymous said...

Hey...someone on the democrat's site thinks you are a little fishy as well....the story is growing.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

So, now you're posting as an anonymous "democrat" on a democratic site?

How pathetic are you, nonny-mouse?

Anonymous said...

once again, a post is removed for no good reason.

As I said in the removed post, I never claimed I was a democrat or a republican. But apparently dargo thinks only democrats can post on that site...probably because democrats are much happier when they can create their own special brand of truth.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I claimed no such thing.

I merely put forth a false claim, not unlike Republican wankers.

What is your point?

Communications guru said...

Bullshit, troll. Your posts were removed because you refused to follow the rules and repeated warnings I gave you. You can whine all you want and make up this false crap about your posts being removed for no reason, but that is a complete lie.

Anonymous said...

And still you remove my posts...including the posts that debunk your lame excuses from removing my posts. You can't handle the truth.

Again I make the challenge: Show me the post where I accused you of something sinister. I made a point...a point you couldn't you banned my posts.

It's your blog so you can do this. But do you have the courage to leave this up? Do you have the courage to let me point out: You lie about others and then make up reasons to pull my posts that point out your lies.

Or will you pull this, even though I made no mention of the "words" that you find offensive.

George Carlin should still be alive. He would have a field day with you. (As for that matter, you have a lot in common with the Love group...they overheated and also misrepresented "words.")

Communications guru said...

How can anyone be so stupid and stubborn, troll? You were warned repeatedly what words not to use, and then to stay on topic. You stubbornly refuse to comply with the rules and the warning. Only after repeated warnings were the posts deleted. Then, you were invited to repost the comments minus the two words. You still refuse to do so. Instead, you want to play the victim and make the false claim I deleted them because you made a point.

Not true, and you have debunked nothing, troll. No wonder you post anonymously.

Not anonymous said...

Where are these so-called rules posted? I've looked at the site and must have missed them.

Communications guru said...

You were warned directly, anonymous troll.

Anonymous said...

"not anonymous" is not the same as "anonymous."

And, the fact is that you ignore or dismiss legitimate points made by others. You post so-called facts all the time without any support. But when a poster goes into great detail about the teachers' contract and the student funding, you dismiss it because there is no link attached. Do you believe the teacher salary data was false? If so, say so. If the data is true, why not debate the issue rather than getting juvenile?

Remember, you are the one who falsely claimed the county Republicans broke the law...and then later defended your accusation on the grounds that you thought that it might be true, so that's the same as proving it true. Pretty lame.

The other guy is trying to get your goat...and he has been successful at it. But he's also mounted a better argument. He provides facts and logic; you provide bluster and ignore those arguments that are inconvenient.

And none of us has seen an iota of proof that the Republicans broke the law. Which was your original point.

Communications guru said...

Yes, “not anonymous " is the same as "anonymous.” Like I explained, unless I can click on either name and see your profile, then they are the same. Also, when you make a claim, you have to back it up; it’s as simple as that.

Can you also explain to me what this has to do with Bill Rogers being elected to a leadership post? I will not allow you to hijack thus thread, anonymous troll.

Anonymous said...

You say you won't allow something (hijacking a thread) and then you participate and enable just are a foolish man living in a universe of your own creating.

Communications guru said...

Perhaps you are right. I am foolish by trying to engage a cowardly, anonymous troll who is so afraid of taking ownership of what he writes that he hides behind anonymity in a real debate. Yes, this is “a universe of my own creation.” You can have your own too. All you have to do is start your own blog. On my blog, I use facts to form my opinions, and I don’t lie. I also believe in giving people ample warning before I delete posts. I have operated this blog for more than two years, but just in the last three months have I had to ever delete a comment. I hate doing it, but I have always believed that when you say something you follow through with it.

I also hated doing it because the posts that have been deleted only makes you look even more stupid, desperate and disgusting.

Last warning.

Anonymous said...

So if I said you suck on your mother's tit, that would be good discourse? That's what dargo wrote, but you left that up. Talk about disgusting.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Oh, is nonny-mouse needing some more attention? Momma not letting breast feed again? Poor baby.

Anonymous said...

It's funny. Even though it is clear that "anonymous" and "not anonymous" are 2 different people, rather than answer their legitimate questions, he diverts attention by saying they are one and the same person. Even if there were, why not answer the question?

Instead he says stuff like: Why are you talking to yourself? or something equally clever.

What's ironic is the guru and dargo are one and the same, as was proven earlier.

Communications guru said...

“It is clear that "anonymous" and "not anonymous" are 2 different people?” How, how is it clear? You are posting anonymously, and anyone of a 100 people could be "anonymous" or “not anonymous.” I have answered every legitimate question you have posed, troll, even the illegitimate one.

“Guru and dargo are one and the same?” “As was proven earlier?” Two lies in one sentence. We are not one and the same, and it certainly has never been proven earlier or ever, and it never will be because it’s not true. I’ll answer it the same way when the last guy made that ridiculous claim: why would I post on my blog as two different people? Click on our profiles and then tell me we are the same people.

Not anonymous said...

So you're saying that one person can't create two different profiles? As I see it, you have three people posting. You and dargo are one. Anonymous is another and I'm the third. If anonymous and I are the same person, then you have just two commenting. Once again, it doesn't matter. Only what's said matters. If you and Dargo are the same, good for you. You have an alter ego. If anonymous and I are one and the same, big deal. You're more concerned with identifying people than you are dealing with the issues. By the way, he didn't ask you to label a question legitimate or illitimate. He only asked you to answer his questions. If you can't, there is no shame in not knowing the answer. There is only shame in making up an answer and lying.

Communications guru said...

I don’t know if one person can create two different profiles or not. Again, why would I post as two different people on my own blog? I know this: I am the only person who can post as Communications Guru. Any number can post as Anonymous or not Anonymous.

If you want to stay an anonymous troll and do not have the courage to take ownership of what you write, fine. I wouldn’t want to be identified with that garbage either.

Like I said before: I answered all questions; legitimate, illitimate or illegitimate.

Anonymous said...

Actually "non anonymous" there are at least two "anonymous" posters since I've seen some posted that I didn't do. I kind of enjoy yanking the guru/dargo chain to see if just once he can provide a logical, cohernet, argument that doesn't contradict what he just posted.

(One of several examples: Why, he said, would he post as dargo and guru...just after he accuses us of posting as "anonymous" and "non anonymous.")

It's not so funny, though, when he gets as vulgar as guru/dargo have gotten with the tit-sucking remarks. Rather alarming. Signs of serious disturbance. And the biggest reason why I stay anonymous. This is a nice diversion as long as he doesn't know me. I think he may be dangerous.

The only thing that is reassuring is that dargo and guru are one and the same. I'd hate the thought of two guys like that roaming public streets.

Not anonymous said...


It's not just if there were two of them roaming public streets, but they both claim to be from Howell. I've been looking back at some of his past writings and the comments that go with them. I've seen him on at least two occasions so far threaten to kick their butts or meet them just because they disagree with him. He could be the next one in the tower with a loaded gun.

Communications guru said...

Wow, talking to yourself again. There is one anonymous poster here, and it's you troll. I have repeatedly asked how I am supposed to tell one anonymous coward from another, and I'm still waiting for an answer.

I provided "a logical, coherent, argument" on every original post, but I fail to see how this garbage you continue to push meets that criteria.

You are correct, I am still waiting for you to answer why I would post as someone else on my own blog. What would I say that would be any different as Dargo or what would I say as one and not the other? As for you posting anonymously by adding not in front I have no idea. This is my blog, and I am proud to claim ownership of every word I write. You, on the other hand, are too cowardly to take ownership of the garbage you write, and refuse to take ownership.

You asked me if I would warn Dargo about the tit-sucking remark; I said no. "Rather alarming?" "Signs of serious disturbance?" Wow. That’s' a heck of a conclusion. You can still have a screen name and stay anonymous, but you are just too much of a coward to take ownership of what you write. I'll even help you choose a screen name. How about, deranged troll, serial coward or Chicken Little? The possibilities are limitless. That way, you can stay anonymous and still take ownership of that tripe you write.

Again, Dargo and Guru are not the same, and I'm still waiting for you to answer why I would post as two different people on my own blog.

Communications guru said...

I may have criticized Cox. I really don't know because I do not have enough facts. But based on the few facts I have discovered - since you refuse to provide any - if I did I would be incorrect for doing so. It's within the duties of the AG; what Cox is doing is not.

You're dam right I'm a partisan, and I have never said otherwise. But I am not a hack, nor am I inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you were really accurate, you wouldn't deny being a hack. you think "dargo" is a terrorist?

Anonymous said...

Dargo and Guru are not the same. Okay. Sure. Go ahead and play that fantasy game.

I believe you are the same. I believe that talking is among the many things you do with yourself...

Not anonymous said...

I guess I could ask the same question. If anonymous and I were the same person, what purpose would we have for using two different names? By the way I do take ownership of my words. I'm posting as Not Anonymous. After six years of a recession that has only taken place in Michigan I do blame Granholm. Her tax increases, her lack of cutting spending. I also give credit to President Bush for the thriving economy from 2002 through 2006 and I also blame the Republicans for their excessive spending and I blame Democrats for what's happened the past two years because after all, they have been in control of both houses of Congress for two years.