Nov 29, 2007

Student holding anti-war protest in conservative Livingston County

Just when you needed some assurance that the current generation is engaged in what’s going on in the world and not just going through life with their Ipods on with their face glued to a Game Boy and there is some hope for Republican-heavy Livingston County along comes Pinckney Community High School senior Chris Dzombak.

He is again leading an anti-war protest in downtown Pinckney at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 1. Dzombak is dedicated to ending the tragic deaths in an ill-planned and unnecessary occupation in Iraq that has already cost more than 4,000 lives, maimed thousands more and wasted billons of dollars. He also braved the cold last January to lead an anti-war protest, and he was also out in May to protest the President’s veto of Congress’s spending bill for the Iraq civil war/occupation.

Those interested in marching should meet on the sidewalk along M-36 next to the Pinckney town square around 10 a.m., and the march will last until about noon.

Anyone willing to attend and help these students out in predominately Republican Livingston County are welcome, and all you have to do is just get off the Howell/D-19 exit from I-96 and follow D-19 straight south until the road ends; and you will run right into the village square.


Thespian said...

alright first. I love you Chris Dzombak. we be tight.


I think you mean "Nixonesque." not nixonsque

Communications guru said...

You might be right; neither one are in the dictionary. Thanks.