Aug 1, 2007

Coulter Quote of the Week: Septic tank diving for quotes

Finding outrageous and hateful material for the “Coulter Quote of the Week” series is pretty easy, but it does have its drawbacks. When ever I get a little low on quotes I have to go to her columns and pick a few out.

For those of you who live in the country, like many people here in Livingston County do, you are familiar with what a septic tank is like. It’s kind of like diving in the full septic tank buried deep in your yard; I can find plenty of material, but it’s pretty disgusting wading through that hateful crap the voice of the Republicans writes. A shower never seems to be enough.

But as Ann Coulter’s $30,000 appearance at Cleary University and their Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series draws closer, I will never had to think abut the queen of hate again. The lessons I have learned during the more than six months since it was announced that Coulter would be speaking at and for Cleary University have been hard ones.

One hard lesson is that what I thought was a great learning institution seems to be little more than a rightwing shrill factory, and common sense and decency go right out the window when it comes to a famous right-winger, no mater how disgusting and disgraceful. It seems ticket sales – and there is no way the school will make a profit in this – matter almost as much as expressing their rightwing views. There is no way possible Cleary President Tom Sullivan can possibly defend the stuff Coulter says that is published here week after week as “enriching the community.”

But back to the quote of the week. I used to wonder who Ann Coulter hates more: blacks, Muslims or liberals. Cleary, it’s more than the three-quarters of the U.S. who don’t hold her narrow, hateful and discriminatory views.

“Twenty years ago, disbarred Duke prosecutor Mike Nifong would have been Time magazine's Man of the Year. Vanity Fair would have photographed him sitting in a Porsche under the headline: "Speaking Truth to Power." One hundred years ago, he would have been lynching innocent black men. Southern liberals have stayed the same; only their victims have changed.” ---Syndicated Column 7/11/07.

“So for those of you who haven't read any of my five best-selling books: Liberals are driven by Satan and lie constantly.” ---Syndicated Column 6/28/07.

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