Apr 11, 2011

Make your voice heard at the Capitol Wednesday

Some 10,000 people will be in Lansing on Wednesday April 13 to protect the working poor and middle class at the We Are the People Rally.

The rally is being organized by the Michigan State AFL-CIO, AFSME and Working Michigan. To accommodate working people who work different shifts, it will run from 1-6 p.m., and because of that, new people will be arriving all day. Last month more than 5,000 were at the Capitol for the “Storm the Capitol” rally. The numbers were actually more than that because, like what will be happening Wednesday, people were coming and going all day.

Various labor groups are also sponsoring buses, and that information can be found on the Facebook event page. The union-busting attempts by the Republicans have rallied people to the side of labor. In fact, polls are showing that Americans strongly oppose efforts to strip unionized government workers of their rights to collectively bargain.

Because of that over-reach, many non-union people have joined the protests all over the country, so to help those people get to the rally, plus gas approaching $4 a gallon, a page has been set up for people who want to car pool or share a ride.

There are also some interesting committee meetings they can take in while they are in the Capitol, and all committee meeting are open to the public and citizens can speak.

The House Education Committee is meeting at 9 a.m. in Room 519 of the House Office Building (HOB), 121 N. Capitol, across from the Capitol, and the subject of the hearing is an overview of teacher tenure in the State of Michigan.

The Senate Appropriations Sub-Committee on Higher Education is meeting at 12:30 p.m. in the Senate Appropriations Room on the 3rd Floor of Capitol Building. The committee will be discussing the Higher Education Budget, as well as the popular MSU Cooperative Extension Service program.

The Appropriations Sub-Committee on K-12 public education funding is meeting at 11 a.m. or right after the Senate session in the Senate Appropriations Room on the 3rd Floor of Capitol Building. Testimony will be held on the School Aid budget.


Not Anonymous said...

I see your up to your old tricks of stretching the truth...or lying again.

According to your won Huffington Post, the polls are mixed. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/18/labor-union-polls-wisconsin-protests_n_825363.html

But to quote you, the only poll that matters is the one taken last November when the Republicans took over the House of Reps, made gains in the Senate (no more super majority) and added 19 State Governments to the Republican side of the ledger.

By the way, in your second paragraph, you say the "rally" is to accomodate those with different "shits". I'm assuming you meant "shiFts", but when it comes to you, I never know for certain.

After all, you claim there was more than 5,000 people at a previous rally and yet there isn't one publication that I've seen yet that has put it over 3,000.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, anonymous coward, it’s clear that the American people do not support the union-busting going on in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. I blogged on two polls, and you, I’m not sure which name you used, tried to debunks the CBs poll, and, as usual, failed. You didn’t even bother with the WSJ poll.

No one ran on a platform of union busting.

You are, again, lying. I debunked your crowd lie when you made it last month, but you are still going to try it? Really? “There isn't one publication that I've seen yet that has put it over 3,000?” How about this headline from the Detroit Free Press: “5,000 rally at Michigan Capitol.”


Once again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Not Anonymous said...

I know you like to think you've debunked things, but saying no, to someone's yes, is not debunking.

You need something to back up that we were nearly shoulder to shoulder still, huh. Well, okay. You were wearing that pink frilly dress with those gaudy pink nylons and tennis shoes (very tacky for the rest of the ensemble).

Debunk that.

Communications guru said...

What, you can’t read? You said, “there isn't one publication that I've seen yet that has put it over 3,000,” and I showed you the largest newspaper in the state; just like I did when you tried that lie last month. So I caught you in another lie, and you're pissed about it. What else is new?

The point is we were never “nearly shoulder to shoulder,” and that’s just one more lie. Everyone knows you are just a coward who hides behind a false name too afraid to take responsibility for the garbage and lies you write.

Debunked, anonymous coward.

Once again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

kevins said...

Are you saying you never wore that pink frilly outfit? Or are you saying that you weren't wearing it the day you were shoulder to shoulder with NA?

kevins said...

You notice that when commie guru is losing badly, he falls back on the "outrageous lie...shoulder to shoulder" bit? He falls back on that a lot, actually.

So, commie guru, since you don't know who NA is, how do you known you were never at the same event, standing close to each other?

Surely, you don't think that you are the only person who goes to public events, so why couldn't he have been there?

Unless...your odor is so foul that no one can stand shoulder to should with you. Is that your point?

Communications guru said...

The problem with your rant, puss boy, is I’m not losing, badly or otherwise. He made a false claim and I debunked it. How do you interpret that as me losing?

I have been calling anonymous coward out since he made that lie, and I will continue to do so. That just proves what a liar he is.

How do I know he is lying? Because when he made it, he described a situation that never happened. Funny; anonymous coward floated that lie a couple of years ago. I wonder how you knew he claimed it was a public event?

All I can say about your personal attack, pussy boy, is that you are the one, still, hiding behind a fake name.

Not Anonymous said...

$3.99 per gallon of gas. Obama's answer? Buy a new car.

When gas jumped to $4.40 per gallon under Bush he ended the restrictions on drilling off shore and the price of oil dropped $9.00 per barrel in one day and gas ended up dropping to $1.76 per gallon by the time he left office.

Thanks to Obama, it's now more than doubled in two years time and he wants us to buy a new car.

I knew he'd have a failed presidency, but he's beginning to make the Carter travesty look good.

kevins said...

I don't know that he claimed it was a public event. I just assumed it. I can't imagine why he would be any place private with you.

Your objection is fatally flawed. He can't prove he was near you without identifying himself. Why would he do that, given his concern about your stability?

How can you know it's a lie when you admit you don't know who he is?

Why would anyone make up a story like that?

You keep harping on it, particularly when you lose arguments. Your defense is "Oh, but I've never lost." That's weak.

You've been hammered many times. Before the election you said the Republicans would only get the modest gains normally seen by the minority party in off-year elections. Instead, the Democrats were hammered across the country. You said no one could have foreseen the Republican landslide when, in fact, just about everyone predicted it, including liberal sources.

In an April 7 post, you criticized state Democrats for charging admission to a candidate forum. Now you are saying it didn't happen and you didn't say it.

You said you are gay. I doubt it. But it doesn't matter. Be who you want to be.

You called teenagers "scumbags" because they happen to be Republican. That's repulsive.

You said a guy's death was proof that hate crimes were growing, even though he was a suicide victim and his death had nothing to do with hate crimes.

You continually lied about county Republicans breaking a campaign law. Their offense: Some people, including members of the Republican Party, didn't want a school tax to pass. As is your habit, you show your disdain for democracy.

You say there is no difference between a republic and a democracy. That just shows your ignorance. But it's a silly argument.

You continually say there is no such thing as a democratic socialist when there certainly is.

You deny that a U.S. Senator is a socialist and you ignore that as a socialist he finds a home in the Democratic Party. Mostly, you try to deny the obvious socialist leanings of some parts of the Democratic philosophy. I've never said there was anything wrong with that...but you obviously think there is something terrible about socialism...or else you like socialism but think it best to hide the fact that Democratic policies sometimes have a socialistic flavor.

Your name calling reveals your problem with women. You freely use terms that reflect your anger toward/fear of women. It's a derogatory term that demeans women. Feminists say so almost to a person...your response is "so what?" So you dismiss the opinion of someone because she happens to be an assertive woman. Typical.

You tried to blame the Tucson shooting on Palin, even though there is absolutely no tie, a point well made by President Obama. You ignore or downplay similar rhetoric when it comes from a liberal...again showing your twisted aversion to free speech.

You said you've called me a name face to face. That's a lie.

You repeatedly dismissed the teabag movement, even though it has become a significant force in American politics.

You said a man who was merely stating his opinion should have been arrested, showing off your fascist tendencies. The guy was actually a Dingall voter but because he spoke his mind, you want him jailed. Scary.

You run a headline that says "Teabagger says if you disagree with him you are a socialists (sic)"...but if you play the video, someone else has added wording that says he "implies" you are a socialist. Big difference...another lie by you.

We know where you stand. You are a loser and you want successful people to pay for the things you want and can't afford. I asked you a question a long time ago that you failed to answer. Does that make you a coward?

The question: Can you name any tax hike ever that you haven't supported?

Communications guru said...

Right, PB; you just assumed.
Back to the debunked list of lies again.

Here’s the difference between you and I, PB. I have the courage to stand by what I write; so much so that I put my real name to it. You are so ashamed of the trash and lies you spew that you hide behind a fake name.

The pension tax.

Now, run away and hide with your tail between your knees.

kevins said...

Good one. You named one tax. Good for you. That wasn't on the table the first time I asked the question...and you refused to answer...but it's a good answer now.

Which of the following would you oppose:

1. Increasing federal tax on those making $250,000 a year or more.

2. Expanding the sales tax to services.

3. Allowing local school districts to vote on property tax increases.

4. Increasing the Michigan state income tax.

5. Increasing the state business tax.

Just because you say something was "debunked," doesn't make it so. You've been beaten worse than an red-headed stepchild. The fact that you can't or won't admit it is your problem.

Of course, in your world, you can say something clearly one moment and then totally deny it the next.

Speaking of the pension tax...you say you are against it. Does that mean you favor repeal of the pension tax now levied on retired employees from the private sector?