Jan 9, 2011

Words have consequences

Words have meaning and consequences, and once again the anti-governments rhetoric from the right may have again claimed innocent victims.

The shooting on Sunday of Democratic U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona that killed six people and wounded 13 others by an apparently deranged college student may not have been committed by a right-winger, but the hateful anti-government rhetoric launched by tea baggers shortly after the President took office could certainly have violent effects. I don’t see it as much different than the Oklahoma City bombing.

Clarence W. Dupnik, the Pima County sheriff, hit the nail on the head at a news conference when he said it was time for the country to “do a little soul-searching.”

“It’s not unusual for all public officials to get threats constantly, myself included,” Dupnik said in the New York Times. “That’s the sad thing about what’s going on in America: pretty soon we’re not going to be able to find reasonable, decent people willing to subject themselves to serve in public office.”

I got into a brief exchange with a rightwing on Facebook yesterday, and when I looked at her page, this was her tag line to describe herself: “Our country is in serious distress. There are dangerous people in charge, and every step they take, provides that much more control over the American people. We must stand up to this socialist agenda!”

Constant crap like that could certainly lead a deranged person to violence.

That anti-Obama and anti-government rhetoric took an uglier turn in March when the historic health care insurance reform bill was passed, including cutting the gas line at the home of a legislator’s family, making death threats and violent phone calls, and shouting malicious verbal insults. Several Democratic Congressmen were spit on and subjected to racist and homophobic insults as they prepared to vote on the bill.

In fact, Giffords herself suffered some of that violence when her office was vandalized after the vote. Giffords appeared on MSNBC to talk about being targeted by the PAC of half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after Giffords voted for health insurance reform. Palin had circulated a "hit list" - just removed - of political targets, which included Giffords. A map had been circulated with crosshairs placed over Giffords’ district and others.

Palin should have been called out for using inflammatory phrases like “Lock and load” and "Don’t retreat, reload.”

Giffords’ opponent in the general election was a tea bagger, and he used some of the same symbolism and hateful rhetoric Palin used. In June 2010 her opponent organized an event where supporters could shoot assault rifles with the candidate. A promotional advertisement for the event said, "Get on Target for Victory in November Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly."

Right-wingers are already spinning the shooting, claiming just because the alleged shooter was not a tea bagger they bear no responsibility for their hateful anti-government rhetoric that has created an atmosphere of threats of violence and actual violence.

Over at wrong Michigan they are trying to make the claim that the same kind of rhetoric hateful comes from the left. Simply not true. They are trying to make the claim that Dupnik’s comments are hate speech. Again, not true. Only in their word is calling them out on their MO is it hate speech.

It’s hard for them to find examples to prove that lie, so they dug up a comment on Daily KOS where a campaign volunteer for the Blue Dog Democrat said he will not only no longer campaign for Giffords but will not vote for her because she voted against Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader, saying “And is now dead to me.”

Please explain to me how this constitutes a death threat or hate speech. We keep hearing about angry liberals, but I have never heard of a liberal blowing up a building, murdering a doctor or shooting a Congresswoman.

What may be even funnier are right-wingers falling back on the old standby lie of the “liberal media.” That favorite false political strategy will never die, and they can always fall back on it.

Is this a Second Amendment solution teabggers like to talk about?


K. said...

Nor do liberals have an echo chamber amplified by Fox News and the bile of talk radio. Nor are liberals paranoid. Nor do liberals accuse anyone who deviates from the party line one bit as being either an apostate or a traitorous socialist. (We do, however, know what socialism actually is.) Nor do liberals revel in an anti-intellectualism that dehumanizes anyone who dares to think critically.

This one is at the feet of the right, all right. You can't construct a pile of stinking excrement next to a house, pour gasoline on it, attract passersby with the stench, and then claim that you don't have anything to do with it when one them tosses a lighted match on the pile and burns down the house.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Kind of from my last post:
This should be called: The Tea Party Massacre in Arizona.

They are responsible and they know it. They've spent the last two years creating an atmosphere of anti-government violence. Their every rally was besot with eliminationist wordage, violent imagery, hatred and murderous intent if their political will was thwarted.

They openly and brazenly brought guns to political rallies. As Chekhov noted, "If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired." Well, the guns and violence the Tea Partiers have hung upon themselves just went off.

Communications guru said...

They are spinning out of control trying to avoid responsibility.

brad said...

I find it funny how you all jump to conclusions super fast. For example, a classmate of the crazy guy calls him a "left wing pot head" http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/valleyfever/2011/01/jared_loughner_alleged_shooter.php

maybe this crazy guy is followign obamas advice when he said, "if they take a knife to the fight, were going to take a gun..."

Communications guru said...

Give me a break.

I didn’t jump to any conclusions. When you put out the kind of heated bullshit teabggers have put out for two years, a deranged person will pick up on it, and they have. If this were the first act of violence from a deranged person on a Democrat or liberal, you’re argument might carry some weight, but it’s not. It’s just one of many.

I have not heard a whole lot of anti-government rhetoric coming from liberals, nor have I heard of a lot of attacks on Republicans by liberals.

Here is the full quote from then candidate Obama in June 2008, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

You have to go a long, long way to make the claim that a joke had anything to do with this guy shooting a Democrat who voted for health insurance reform. Who had the knife? The Congresswomen? The judge? The nine-year-old girl?

brad said...

oh lefties dont do that? sarah palin was getting hung by a noose for halloween. george bush gets assasinated in a movie? go read some lib speak about conservatives, your head is in the sand kevin.

brad said...

lets not forget all the signs at the "restoring sanity" rally either. quite disturbing. you dont see that at tea party rallies or people talk like that. again, head in sand thy name is kevin. you cant find or prove what you claim is a predominant theme amonts the tea party type folks. but way to blame them when the shooter is a liberal allegedly. same with the guy in texas that shot up the irs office, he was a registered democrat as well.

Communications guru said...

I don’t think so. Perhaps you are correct about those few isolated incidents, but nowhere on a scale the teabggers did. I know of no case where the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate was spouting the kind of hateful bullshit the Republican VP candidate was. Can you?

Are you seriously comparing the heated hatred coming from the right for the past two years to those isolated alleged incidents you just cited?

Give me a break.

Again, give me an example of the actual violence committed by a liberal.

Communications guru said...

Are you serious?

Yea, signs like, “I fought Nazis, and they don’t look like Obama.” Or, “More beers nuts, less paranoid nuts.” Or, “use your inside voice.”

Give me a break. The purposes of that nonpartisan rally was to reject the heated rhetoric from the extremists.

You don’t have your head in the sand; you have it up your ass.

I certainly can, find and prove the hatred coming from teabggers.

Again, I have not heard a whole – none in fact- lot of anti-government rhetoric coming from liberals, nor have I heard of a lot of attacks- none- on Republicans by liberals.

Anti-government hatred coming from the right led to the bombing of Oklahoma City in 1995, and I think it lead to the murder of six people in Arizona.

brad said...

i give up, now your misrepresenting bart stupaks threats in your article too. dems were threatening him because he was super on the fence about health care, telling him he better vote or else.

enjoy your pissed off little world. sadly i am now done with your blog because of your consistent misrepresentation facts on your blogs. conspiracy theorists unite! i wont unite with this one though. best of luck.

brad said...

screw it i havent figured out how to un follow, so ill stay on as this is fun.

here are crazy ass libs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8CdfQGlgVw&feature=player_embedded the coakley thugs,
Lee Harvey Oswold - Assassinated JFK. Leftwing communist sympathizer loon

James Lee - Radical environmentalist responsible for the armed holdup at the Discovery Channel. Owner of SaveThePlanetProtest.com

Ted "The Unibomber" Kaczynski - Leftist who was at one time a professor at Berkeley. He became a loon because developers destroyed the forest, that Ted did not own, around his home to develop.

Joseph Andrew Stack - Flew his single-engine plane into an IRS building in a suicide crash. Anti-Catholic Church, anti-Bush lefty.

John Hinkley Jr. - Shot Reagan. Was a failed songwriter and adored a lebsian celebrity . I don't know if he was a lefty or not but does that sound like a conservative to you?

Of course we also have ELF, ALF, Greenpeace, union goons, anti-war protestors, G8 protesters, UK college tuition hike protestors, and others to demonstrate the tolerance and violence-free leftists but that's all I care to list.

here is the "tequilla party" http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/apr/28/angry-hateful-violent-extremist-liberals/

so show me stuff like the above that the "teabaggers" have done. you are promoting hateful speech by the derogatory use of that word. constant crap like that could lead a deranged person to violence.

boom lawyered? probably thanks for playing kevin.

Communications guru said...

You absolutely have no shame.

The guy who threatened Stupak is accused of writing a letter that threatened to “paint the Mackinac Bridge with Stupak's blood” because he voted for health care insurance reform.

Don’t give me that BS. If you “now done with my blog” it’s because you can’t prove your argument.


Communications guru said...

Wait a minute; I thought you were done with this blog.

You had to go back a ways, but I’ll give you Kaczynski, but no one else. Now, what continuous hate speech and rhetoric from liberals and Democratic political candidates set Kaczynski off?

If you still want to continue to play dumb and try to deny the racist and hate coming from teabggers, just click on the keyword teabagger on the blog.


brad said...

I tried to find the unsubscribe but gave up after about 10 seconds because its fun to turn this around on you.

More later today, enjoy the excerpt below.

It goes without saying that Loughner is a disturbed human being, a man who suffers from marked emotional instability.

His reading material is a strange mix, including 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Atlas Shrugs,' and '1984.' But of great curiosity are his self-described favorites--'Mein Kompf' by Adolf Hitler and 'The Communist Manifesto' by Karl Marx. Loughner was reported to have been in the process of reading Marx's Manifesto at the time of the shooting.

Before the smoke had barely settled from Loughner's alleged gun on Saturday, certain bloggers, Twitter users, and Leftwing pundits on CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream media outlets were blaming conservatives, Tea Party members, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck for the shooting.

Yet nothing was said of Loughner's favorite reading material, such as Karl Marx, which, in the hands of an unstable person, could lead directly to violence.

To blame individuals and groups other than the shooter himself for this despicable act is an exercise in desperation for political purposes. Any person, whether they be conservative, liberal, Marxist, Fascist, or Democrat can go berserk at the drop of a hat if they are already teetering on the edge of emotional collapse. All it takes is one tipping point.

The tendency of 21st century America to absolve the worst criminals of their behavior in lieu of blaming society, parents, school bullies, abuse, or politics is one of the more troubling aspects of modern life. No one is responsible for anyone's behavior accept the one who exhibits it.

And, if it is proved in a court of law that Loughner pulled the trigger that killed 6 people and injured 11 others, he and he alone is to be held accountable, provided he has the mental capacity to know right from wrong.


Not Anonymous said...

We all know that the Socialist Democrats don't attack others....well, except for these few examples:








I like how these socialists are blaming Palin, but Palin wasn't even known when this guy started talking about Giffords in 2007.

Of course, these socialists forget that Chris Matthews said that he'd like to see someone put a CO2 capsule in Limbaughs mouth and watch him inflate and explode.

Or the socialist that said she hopes that Clarence Thomas' wife feeds him lots of eggs and bacon so he dies soon from a heart attack.

The list goes on and on, but the socialists on this site never acknowledge that there are nutjobs on both sides. Up to and including Kevin who has threatened people on this site. Hmmm, maybe we should worry that Kevin could be the next mass murderer out there. But then, he'd just blame it as being a right wing political motivation like this kids in Az. Funny thing is that this kid doesn't seem to be political. Just anxious to kill a celebrity It is ironic that if he did choose this for politican purposes, he chose one of the very few Conservative Democrats in Congress, who also used to be a Republican.

Communications guru said...

No problem, I can unsubscribe you if you like. However, I’m still waiting for you to make your case, at least with facts.

I don’t ever recall saying he was not disturbed, so that’s why you should be careful about the anti-government crap you put out. I also don’t recall actually blaming “conservatives, Tea Party members, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck for the shooting.” But like the headline says, words have consequences, and we have already seen the effect these inflammatory lies from teabggers have had on unstable people.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Tea Party is responsible. Everyone knows it, especaily the Tea PArty.

first, George Bush was "assassinated" in a movie made by a brit not an american

July 27, 2008—Jim Adkisson shoots and kills two people at a progressive church in Knoxville, Tennessee, wounding two. Adkisson calls it “a symbolic killing” because he really “wanted to kill…every Democrat in the Senate & House, the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg's book,” but was unable to gain access to them.

Richard Poplawski shoots and kills 3 police officers responding to a 911 call to his home in Pittsburgh. His friend Edward Perkovic tells reporters that Poplawski feared “the Obama gun ban that’s on its way".

Katherine Crabill, a Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in the state’s 99th District makes headlines by calling on Americans to resist the course President Obama has set for the country. Appearing at a “Tea Party” rally, Crabill quotes a 1775 speech by Patrick Henry and then states, “We have a chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box.

Blogger Confederate Yankee Bob Owens wrote:
I hope they do feel threatened. Attempts at peaceable protests have been met at turns by feigned ignorance, then mockery, then attacks on the character and motives of those would not sit quietly by. Perhaps it will take a serious review of our capacity for violence to get them to realize we shall not surrender our individual liberties to their lust for power.

Here are the fact free musings of Ford and Reagan cabinet members Ernest S. Christian and Gary Robbins in their article; Will Washington's Failures Lead to Second American Revolution?

Communications guru said...

Well, look who crawled out from under his rock. Again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in the United States and that is just a false, Republican smear.

Other than the fact that there is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in the United States, you are correct, Democrats don't attack others.

I’m trying remembering who it was that caused all the trouble at townhall meetings in the summer of 2009 by disrupting them, shouting people down and down and causing violence. Oh yea, it was the teabggers because Republicans, for the most part, did not even hold towhnall meetings.

No, the socialists are not blaming Palin, but the Americans people are; saying she should accept some responsibility for her hateful crap. But she won’t; she won’t retreat, she’ll just reload no matter who gets hurt.

What exactly is a “ CO2 capsule,” and what does it do?

Ooh, that is sure threatenin
g violence: eating eggs and bacon.
There are nut jobs on both sides, but they don’t control the Democratic Party like they control the Republican party. They also don’t kill like rightwing nut jobs do.

There are no socialists on this site.

I never threatened anyone, coward. Here’s the difference between you and me: I stand up and attach my name to everything I write: you hide like the coward you are behind a false, anonymous name.

Like the post says, words have consequences, but the right will never accept responsibility or even tone it down.

Once again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Johnny C said...

Couple of things Not Anonymous and your alias Brad, like Grung said the Bush assassination movie was made by a British film maker and Not if you had paid attention you would known that months ago. Second Not Anonymous you're citing right wing blogs as proof to your claims of "leftist violence"only proves you're dumber than cold dog shit or the 3 hour Big Macs the world greatest burger flipper brings home.

Jordan G said...

Neither Republicans nor Democrats should be responsible for the actions of individuals. Both sides can find examples of "left-leaning" or "right-leaning" people who do horrible things.

But, our elected officials ARE responsible for their own actions. So if they do something that others point out and say: "hey, someone could misinterpret that and act upon it with horrific consequences", and the politicians snub their noses at those people pointing that out, they are wrong, regardless of whether or not someone does actually do the horrific action.

Reasonable people in this country have been stating for months that the rhetoric used by some conservative leaders (NOT just the conservative supporters that show up to tea parties, but the elected officials) has been absolutely inappropriate. Those conservative leaders refused to admit wrongdoing, and sometimes took it even further.

Now that this tragedy has taken place, those same politicians would not dare think to continue with those actions. I can not imagine a Republican Senatorial candidate will talk about "2nd Amendment remedies" anytime soon, let alone say that if ballots don't work, they'll turn to bullets (although I'm not 100% sure whether that was a conservative politician or media figure/leader).

Yet, if those conservatives can recognize those actions as being wrong now, why weren't they wrong months ago!?!

You don't get a free pass to do immoral things, only to stop doing them when their immorality becomes clear to everyone in the country. The conservatives were able to get away with it before, because most voters don't pay much attention (although basically everyone is paying attention to this story, which is why they can't continue doing it). But their actions were just as immoral back then as if they did it tomorrow.

brad said...

i dont have an alias. anyways, facebook pages like i hate it when i wake up in the morning and sarah palin is still alive is completely stupid. the reason the left leaning mainstream media and kevin target palin is because they are scared if she runs against the annointed one in 2012.

part of jordan G's statement i agree with. someone's politics isnt going to drive someone to kill someone else; there was something wrong with this guy to start with. he had a vendetta if you will for more than 3 years for some reason that we dont know at this time. one more thing, to target palin is real stupid, especially if the fact is this guy had targeted this congresswoman 3 years ago. palins website wasnt even up, nor do we know if he even looked at it. prob not based on the info we know about him now. liberal, pothead, anti establishment, satanist you like communist readings.

guns dont kill people, guns do. and for you lefties that want stricter gun control, then we need it on knives (obama said he will bring a gun to a knife fight) and cars and baseball bats and golf clubs and ice skates and machines and on and on and on.

Communications guru said...

Slight problem with that claim, there is no such Facebook group. There are many of them, but none about Sarah Palin. There are ones called “I hate it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President,” Or “Man, I hate it when I wake up in the morning and Justin Bieber's still alive..,” but no Sarash Palin.

I pray Palin is the GOP nominee in 2012, but I have no idea who the annointed (sic) one” is. Not only that, there is no such thing as “the left leaning mainstream media.”

Again, words have consequences, and you can’t keep putting this stuff out, like “Second Amendment solutions,” “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants, “ or the “anointed One” and not expect some deranged idiot to commit violence. And that has happened. I don’t see where he was a liberal. Anti-government, yes, just like teabggers and Timothy McVeigh.

Oh my God. Really, “guns don’t kill people, guns do.” Give me a break. I don’t recall saying anything about gun control, but why is it that you have no problem with a guy who was not allowed back into CC until he had a mental evaluation walking into a sporting goods store and buying a semi-automatic handgun.

By the way, you said yesterday that you were “now done with (my) blog?” Do you want me to unsubscribe you, like you asked?

brad said...

just making sure youre not anti gun.

did you happen to see the shooters post on jan 6 on the daily kos? i hope that sight isnt conservative. if not, here is the screen grab as the daily kos has since removed it. here is the link. quite interesting. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=249273

brad said...

site sorry, i type faster slower than i think sometimes.

in essence i think this entry is shenanigans and youre trying to blame the right on this outcome. if anything the shooter is anti republican as he shot a republican federal judge to death.

Communications guru said...

I’m not anti-gun, but I’m also not pro-gun. I support sensible gun control. If you can place restrictions on the 1st Amendment, you certainly can placing it on 2nd. But again, how can someone not sane enough to go back to school until he sees a doctor able to buy a semi-automatic handgun?

The shooter? It’s not from the shooter, but it is old news I already debunked. . I don’t see how declining to volunteer again for someone means wishing they were dead.

Communications guru said...

I don’t know how many times I can say this, words have consequences. Anti-Republican? Based on what; your imagination? His target was the Congresswomen, and the other six dead were collateral damage.

He also shot a nine-year old girl. What was her party affiliation?

Talk about spin.

brad said...

if words have actions, what "Words have meaning and consequences, and once again the anti-governments rhetoric from the right may have again claimed innocent victims." caused this shooting? Come on Kevin tell ME! I am assuming since you didnt comment on the DailyKos thing showing in the shooters own words why he went after her knowing that it isnt the "anti govt" rhetoric from the right.

this shooting is something from a delusioned follower or her own following; and it is too bad it happened.

How Liberals Look at the World -- If they controlled everyone, nothing bad would ever happen.

side bar, not one conservative right winger etc i know is anti govt. you have way to many baseless claims in your blog.

brad said...

there is always more, Flashback 2003: Mrs. Clinton Screeches That Dissent is Patriotic.

I dont think Kevin is fair and balanced. Says one thing of the other side but doesnt talk about his side doing similar to worse things. Its always blame someone else, nobody can take responsiblity for their own actions.

Communications guru said...

You can spin all you want, want, but the vile, hateful and violent rhetoric from the right was unprecedented.

I certainly did comment on the “DailyKos thing, “ and, again, it was not from the shooter, nor is it in any way a death threat.

Then you don’t know any “conservative right winger,” and I challenge you to prove any “baseless claims” on my blog.

I agree with Mrs. Clinton if she did say “that Dissent is Patriotic,” but the vile, hateful and violent rhetoric from the right is beyond the pale. Not only that, I have never heard her screech.

This is not the conservative, mainstream media, so I’m not fair and balanced. However, I have never lied or printed something I know to be false. You can join the rest of the right wing tools trying to debunk what I write. They can’t, and neither can you.

Again, the left has never done anything like this violent and hateful ; not even in radical 1960s.

Are you serous? “Nobody can take responsibility (sic) for their own actions?” The right and the teabaggers refuse to take responsibility for the toxic atmosphere they created.

Jolly Roger said...

Even with the help of the MSM, it appears that Mama Grifter and her helpers may not be able to escape their culpability for the Tea Party Massacre.

brad said...

maybe you were in a coma from 2000 until 2008 when Bush was president because it seems you missed all of "the vile, hateful and violent rhetoric from the left was unprecedented." and continues to this day.

everything you post about has proof otherwise that you are wrong and you claim that whats wrong about your claims are wrong. and on and on and on.

so previously posted on this blog by not anonymous and a few of my own, youre wrong; lefties do crazy crap all the time and do so while killing people as well. just like this former campaign support of the congresswoman that was shot.

lastly that daily kos post was from the shooter, deny it all you want but the fact remains thats his account and it was up until dailykos knew it was him and they took it down. now this is a left wing conspiracy.

so a list of violent lefties:
-It was Obama-loving Amy Bishop who took a gun to work and murdered co-workers.
-How about when the Bush-Cheney HQ was riddled with bullets?
-How about when the North Carolina Republican headquarters was torched and ransacked?
-Joseph Stack flew his plane into the IRS building after writing an anti-conservative manifesto.
-It was progressive SEIU union thugs who beat a black conservative man who spoke his mind.
-It was a liberal who was sentenced to two years for bringing bombs and riot shields to the Republican National Convention in 2008.
-It was a liberal who threatened to kill a government informant who infiltrated her Austin-based group that planned to bomb the RNC.
-It was liberals who assaulted police in Berkeley.
-Who burned Sarah Palin's church?

Lastly-here is an uber small sampling of left wing hate. Right wing or even true Tea Partiers arent even as extreme as your side of the aisle. http://www.zombietime.com/hall_of_shame/

So Kevin, you are full of it and you will say everything here is BS and doesnt prove you wrong. Well if you want more people to believe in what you write, start going after your own side all the time and stop blaming everything on the right. Your people have had "control" of the US and A for the last 4 years and have put us in worse shape than the previous 6, thanks again for that. Lets hope things turn around in the next 2.

Communications guru said...

No, I was very involved from 2000-2008.T that’s why I missed this alleged “hateful and violent rhetoric from the left” because, like your list, it never happened.

In fact, the only remotely thing in your list that is close to being true is the guy who flew his airplane into the IRS building. I wonder where he picked up all that anti-government and anti-tax BS?

Once again, the DailyKos post was not from the shooter, nor was it a death threat. I will deny it all I want because it’s simply not true.

I’m still waiting for you to prove I’m wrong, and I could care less what you think of me. The gate and anti-government from the right the last two years is simply unprecedented and historic.

brad said...

wrong with what? that liberals do not speak even worse than some conservatives do? that both sides dont say stupid things? maybe you didnt see all the signs either at the "restoring sanity" rally.

and all the examples listed arent crazy libs because you say so? aaaaa hahahahaha funny funny man. delusional thy name is "communications guru"

brad said...

I dont know how you can post anything with any links to news stories. The NYT is conservative you say, yet you quote it up there. Who knows what those right wing conservative cooks are stirring up with their stories.

So I dont know anyone can prove anything to you because everything is conservative. You are digging deeper and deeper into a hole you cant dig out of with your claims (meaning its going to be more and more difficult for you to be taken seriously).

Why do you say the shooter didnt post on the dailykos? they removed it because it was his post.

Communications guru said...

The hateful rhetoric coming from the right the last two years is historic, at least in the last 150 years. You can spin it and stretch the truth all you want, but that is a fact.

I agree, both sides do say "stupid things,” but I know of no hateful rhetoric coming from the left that led to people taking violent action.

I did see all of the signs at the "restoring sanity" rally, so what is your point? I hope you are aware, that was a nonpartisan event.

brad said...

Non partisan? 2% republicans in attendance for the Stewart Colbert rally? Becks rally didnt speak about politics once, was that political?

Now, the New York Times. A liberal rag that always endorses Democrats. Not only did their recent attempt to declare the Tucson shootings an episode of political violence spawned by right-wing rhetoric fail (like you did in this post); it actually encouraged a minor episode of political violence spawned by left-wing rhetoric. This has made the paper look even worse than usual, so they need a good excuse to explain away the problem. Said excuse? It’s all the fault of the media’s genetic condition.


Jerry Ceppos, dean of the journalism school at the University of Nevada, Reno, said journalists’ impulse to quickly impose a frame on a story is “genetic.”

“Journalists developed automatic framing protocols generations ago because of the need to report quickly,” he said. “Today’s hyper-deadlines, requiring journalists to report all day long and all night long, made that genetic disposition even more dominant.”

•I was unaware that the media was currently run by a secret elite of clans that are apparently so inbred that by now the latest generation universally shares the same genetic predisposition towards jumping the gun and blaming a Republican whenever anything goes wrong in the world.

the best thing that you can say for the “We have genetic damage!” defense is that, hey, it still beats the truth.

*Which is usually how it happens; the activist Left likes to declare how awful the Right is, just before they send out some goons to bite off fingers or whatnot. This is a violent action:
http://moelane.com/2009/09/03/moveonorg-zombie-bites-off-health-care-protesters-finger-wait-what/ and all the links previously to this post of violent lefties.

Kevin, you can say something is a fact and its the truth, but without backing up your words and they have been proven to be false on your pages many times, you continue to claim that you are right even though your proven wrong. It is quite commical to read.

Communications guru said...

That is correct, nonpartisan. Beck’s rally was a teabagger rally. Are tea baggers nonpartisan? Just for the record, the answer is no.

No, the New York Times is part of the conservative, corporate media. The Tucson shooting was an episode of political violence spawned by right-wing rhetoric

I have backed up everything I have written. Actually, rightwing tools like you have failed to debunk anything I have written. No, what’s comical is your spelling.