Dec 29, 2010

O'Donnell calls investigation ‘politically motivated’ but falls short of calling it a ‘witch-hunt’

In a move that can surprise no one, failed U.S. Senate teabag candidate Christine O'Donnell is under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for violating federal law by diverting campaign funds for personal use.

She is a professional political candidate - losing three times - with a sketchy employment history who has lied about her education and defaulted on her student loan and her mortgage. Predictably, she said the investigation is politically motivated, saying in a statement fellow Delaware native Vice-President Joe Biden was behind it.

I was hoping she would say it was a political witch-hunt, but she, for some reason, refrained from using those words.

You will recall that Kristin Murray, a former O'Donnell campaign manager, recorded a robocall to Delaware voters during the election alleging that O'Donnell was "living on campaign donations . . . while leaving her workers unpaid and piling up thousands in debt."

According to the Washington Post, “O'Donnell, who has acknowledged having financial problems, has said she used campaign funds to pay part of the rent on her townhouse because it doubled as her campaign headquarters.”

Based on that, how can there not be an investigation?

The investigation came about because of a complaint filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). The Post said “the CREW complaint to federal prosecutors cited an affidavit signed by David Keegan, a former aide to O'Donnell. He said that in 2009, O'Donnell paid two months rent out of her campaign funds, and also used the funds for meals, gas and a bowling outing.”


Not Anonymous said...

Once again, more misinformation from you. You lost the election. Time to get over it. Sound familiar?

I watched O'Donnell this morning and once again, you have what she said wrong.

First the two that filed the complaint did so through CREW, which is about the only thing you got correct. What you neglected to say is that the two involved in the complaint are former employees of hers, one of which was fired, both disgruntled former employees of her campaign.

Second, she said that her home was vandalized, so she moved into the townhouse that she operated her headquarters from and she paid the campaign rent for living there, not the campaign paying her rent.

One of those workers was a former Biden aide. She specifically said, when asked, that she didn't think Biden had anything to do with this investigation.

She may or may not be guilty of some misuse of funds. But if you're going to quote her, you really ought to attempt to get the quotes correct.

We'll see how the investigation turns out, although with your history of lies, misstatements and spins, I'm sure that if there is nothing found, you'll claim the investigation was by someone that voted Republican.

The new Republican led House begins it's leadership into fiscal responsibility in just over a week. Finally, something to look forward to. Happy New Year.

Communications guru said...

I’m still waiting for you to point out where I wrote something false. Sound familiar?

Gee, I wonder who would know better if she misused funds? Perhaps former employees. If they are lying and disgruntled it will be easy to prove. If she’s innocent she has nothing to worry about, but she’s not.

Her house was vandalized” So? She doesn’t have homeowners insurance? Probably not because she has never held a job. Why not stay with family, friends or a campaign volunteer? Michigan House candidates have campaign offices, yet you’re trying to tell me a U.S. Senate candidate who raised $7 million does not have a campaign office? Please.

An extremist tea bagger hired an aide that once worked for, what she falsely calls, “the most liberal presidential administration in U.S. history?” Sure she did. Even if she did, so what? She certainly has said she thinks Biden had something to do with it.

She is guilty of some misuse of funds, and I quoted her correctly. She may not be a witch, but she’s a crook.

I’m still waiting for you to point out - and prove of course - a single time I lied, and misstated anything. You never have and you never will.

Using Republicans and the words leadership and fiscal responsibility in the same sentence is hilarious after the Bush Administration and the obstruct inst Congress.

Once again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”