Jan 20, 2010

Whitmer drops out of the race for Michigan Attorney General

LANSING – In a surprising move today, State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, announced she is dropping out of the race for Michigan Attorney General, citing family.

Here is the statement she released shortly after the Senate session.

”My unwavering commitment to public service and the people of Michigan led me to seek the Democratic nomination for Attorney General. As I have traveled our state, it has become clear to me that this rigorous campaign schedule and pursuit cannot continue if I am to be the best mother I can to my six and seven year old daughters. At this critical time in their lives, my girls need their mom to be there to pick them up from school, read to them at bedtime, and help them with homework. It is with this in mind, I have decided to withdraw my name from consideration for the Office of Attorney General.

This decision has not come easily. We have energized a great number of people across Michigan who are looking for new, trusted leadership that will help build a stronger and safer future. In just three months, our campaign raised over $200,000 and secured the endorsement of over a hundred current and former public servants and dozens of important activists across the state. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported and contributed to our campaign, and have no doubt that together we would have been successful in our effort.

We deserve leaders who will put people first. I remain committed to fixing what's broken in state government and standing up for the citizens of Michigan. My pursuit of doing so as Michigan's next Attorney General may be ending, but my fight to protect consumers, reform government, and keep our families safe continues."

1 comment:

Johnny C said...

It seem we're facing a quality problem here, when we do find strong people to run against the Republican party empty suit they either have something else to do or drop out.

And if we do have a quality candidate the Michigan Democratic party don't fund or pushed for them properly unless it's governor or national office.

Speaking of governor I wouldn't mind the state party trying to lure the mayor of Lansing who's a regular guest on Ed Schultz's radio and tv show, or Tony Trupiano. They have a strong middle class message and they would be a handful for any of the Republican candidates.

Let's be honest the Republican message is going to be generic at best: vague on jobs, tax cuts, tax cuts and oh yeah tax cuts.