Jan 3, 2010

“Twitter” Peter Hoekstra ducks fundraising question on talk show

Once in a while the conservative, mainstream media does its job, like this Sunday when Terry Moran, who was the guest host on ABC’s “This Week With George Stepanopoulos” took “Twitter” Peter Hoekstra task for his disgusting fundraising letter following the attempted attack by the “Underwear Bomber” at Metro Detroit Airport on Christmas Day.

Despite leaking secrets like a rusting ship, Hoekstra is the ranking Republican on the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, and he is trying to parlay that into a run for the GOP nomination for Michigan Governor. To that end, just a few days after the failed attack, Hoekstra tried to capitalize on it for fundraising.

Moran called Twitter Pete out on the disgusting attempt.
“Once upon a time, there was a tradition of solidarity in refraining from criticizing the president at the time the nation was under attack, “Moran said. “Three days after this attempt to kill 300 people over the skies of Detroit, you sent out a fundraising letter.”

He then read some of the letter: "I have pledged that I will do everything possible to prevent these terrorists from coming to Michigan, but I need your help. If you agree that we need a governor who will stand up to the Obama-Pelosi efforts to weaken our security, please make a most generous contribution of $25, $50 or $100, or even $250, to my campaign."

I have no idea how Twitter Pete can protect Michigan from terrorists, even if I sent him 25 bucks. Moran asked Hoekstra if he was proud of trying to cash in on a potential national tragedy, and he ducked the question with a practiced talking point.

“Well, I've been leading on national security for the last nine years that I've been on the Intelligence Committee,” Hoekstra said.

To his credit, Moran actually tries to get Hoekstra to answer the question, saying “But I'm asking about raising money off the attempted murder of 300 people three days after it occurred,” he said. But Hoekstra continued to duck the question, and he reverts to the talking point causing Moran to give up.

“I am proud of the role that I have played in making sure that America is safe,” he said.


LiberalForReal said...

What an idiot my representative is. Everytime I see him, his head seems to look rounder for some reason. I think it was Rachel Maddow that did a piece on him and his spilling top secret stuff, usually on FOX as I recall.

Communications guru said...

Rachel Maddow had done an excellent job of highflying his pandering. It’s amazing to me he has not lost his security clearance.