Nov 19, 2009

Republicans open another fly by night office in Livingston County

The Livingston County Republicans opened another temporary campaign office, but like the other previous offices under various names, this one will be soon be gone, too.

The name they are using this time is, of course, an oxymoron: “The Livingston Fix Michigan office.” The best way to fix Michigan is for Democrats to have control of both houses of the Legislature. This latest fly by night office is located in a strip mall anchored by a furniture store in Gemoa Township.

The last office was called a “Victory Center,” located in Brighton I believe - and it fled town shortly after President Obama’s historic victory.

This short-lived effort is one of 10 such “Fix Michigan offices” in the state, and they, like this one, is paid for by the Michigan Republican Party. According to the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, “the office will serve both as campaign headquarters for the county and will house state Republican Party offices, as well as serve as a community center of sorts.” The director goes to say, “so far, the Howell-area office plans to offer yoga classes, scrapbooking sessions, a book club and computer training lessons for senior citizens.’

A community center? Please. This from the article: “The Fix Michigan office will likely close shortly after the 2010 election.” In other words, the “community center” will flee after the election.

In sharp contrast, the Livingston County Democratic Party has had a permanent office for some three years. The LCDP and the Blue Tiger Democrats have used the office to hold blood drives, fundraisers for community groups like LACASA and holding luncheons to honor veterans. Plus, the office is paid for entirely by the local party.

The Republicans are the majority party in Livingston County that holds the Congressional seat, the state Senate seat, the two state House seats, all the nine Board of Commissioner seats and control of all 16 of the township boards in the county, yet they have a fly by night office paid for by the state party and give very little back to the community, if anything.

The Livingston Fix Michigan office? The Livingston fly by night office would be a better name.


Not Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. The Republicans drop in, set up an office for the upcoming election then leave. The Democrats have had a permanent office for three years.

So in other words, the Republicans have done better with their temporary offices since they now control the House, Senate and county in Representing Livingston County and the townships within, than the Democrats have done being there permanently for three years.

It sounds to me like the Republicans make better use of dollars than the Democrats do.

But I'm sure you'll have an answer for that even though the facts, if presented correctly by you, show that the Republicans are more fiscally sound than the Democrats in the Livingston County political arena.

Communications guru said...

So let me get this straight, anonymous; you obviously know nothing about Livingston County? That, obviously, is true. Yes, the Republicans drop in, set up an office for the upcoming election then leave. The Democrats have had a permanent office for three years, and they also use it to give back to the community and try to better it.

How do you figure they have done better? The office was paid for by the state party, yet they lost the presidency and lost even more seats in the state House. Even though less people call themselves Republicans every single day, that’s not the case – yet – in Livingston County.

Better use of the dollars? They spend no money in the county; not to run for office or to help nonprofits or the community.

Of course I have an answer, especially for the way you spun the facts.

Not Anonymous said...

Thank you for clearing that up. Livingston County has a temporary office for Republicans. Republicans have all of the county seats, all of the townships, the Senate, and the House for their area and they are doing it without spending money. Or as you put it "They spend no money in the county". Yet you blame them for losing the Presidency, more seats in the state House and you think less people call themselves Republicans.

Well, you obviously have dismissed recent polls where 40% are calling themselves Conservative and only 28% call themselves liberal.

Here it is, noon and you're online. I'm understanding more and more why your wife doesn't have health care. You know, in about four years, if you continue on this path, you'll be fined and thrown in jail for five years. Come to think of it, your wife might be better off that way.

Communications guru said...

“Yet you blame them for losing the Presidency, more seats in the state House and you think less people call themselves Republicans?” I never “blamed them for losing the Presidency or more seats in the state House.” But, it is true less people call themselves Republicans.

I have dismissed “recent polls where 40 percent are calling themselves Conservative and only 28 percent call themselves liberal for a couple of reason. First, if you said it, anonymous, it’s probably a lie. Second, what does that have to do with less people calling themselves Republicans? An ABC/Washington Post poll found “only 20 percent of adults identify themselves as Republicans, little changed in recent months, but still the lowest single number in Post-ABC polls since 1983.”

Most people are allowed some time to eat lunch, as I do, and I can multi-task. My wife and I do not have heat care for the same reasons some of the more than 50 million Americans who do not have health care: we can’t afford it. I was under the impression that after serving 20 years in the military I would have lifetime health care through the VA, like promised. The problem is I have to have a service-connected injury, and unfortunately, I stayed healthy over my career.

As for the five years jail time lie, I already debunked that:

As for the personal attack about my wife, well I guess when you can’t win on the facts you have to stoop to personal attacks. I guess that’s why you’re anonymous. I’m not. If you want to continue to use those slimly, false personal attacks as your argument, no problem. Just say it to my face first, anonymous. We both know that will never happen, don’t we.

Not Anonymous said...

"unfortunately" you stayed healthy?

I guess that says it all.

You're right. I wouldn't say it to your face. I hate to see a grown man cower and cry.

Communications guru said...

Yes, unfortunately for you. Of course you wouldn’t say it to my face because you’re a coward who hides behind an anonymous screen name so you can lie and make slimy false, personal attacks. I was raised to believe that if you’re not willing to say something to someone face or at least take ownership of it, you shouldn’t say or write it. Obviously you were raised wrong, anonymous.