Nov 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day to my fellow Veterans

Happy Veterans Day to my fellow Veterans, even to Eric B. over at Michigan Liberal. The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) said it best in its Veterans Day message. Clearly, the Democratic Party has done more for the veterans who have served after they hung up their uniform and re-entered civilian life.

A Day for Honoring Men and Women Who Fought to Protect Us and Preserve Freedom

LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party is honoring our veterans on this Veterans Day and thanking them for their service and sacrifice.

“Today the Michigan Democratic Party joins the people of Michigan and citizens across the United States in celebrating Veterans Day by recognizing our veterans for their invaluable contribution to our country,” MDP Chair Mark Brewer said. “From the courageous men and women who fought in World War I to the young men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, Michigan Democrats and all Americans are proud and grateful for all that they do.”

“There is no greater service or sacrifice one can make for their country than to put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms we all enjoy,” continued Brewer. “We need to take the time today to thank our veterans and our troops for protecting us.”

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