Sep 1, 2007

Ohio students successfully Counter Coulter

Before rightwing hatemonger and racist Ann Coulter picks up a cool $30,000 next month speaking at Cleary University’s Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series, the queen of hate is traveling the Midwest, when she’s not on faux news, selling her own brand of hate, and on Thursday she will be at Xavier University in Cincinnati raking in $25,0000, hosted by the Xavier University College Republicans, in conjunction with the Young America’s Foundation.

The majority of students, at least the reasonable ones, were outraged, so instead of fighting a losing battle and giving her even more publicity, they started a blog with the most excellent name of “Counter Coulter” and began a much better alternative than listing to hate speech for an hour. The price of admission to hear Coulter rant for an hour is $5 for non-students, so a coalition of student and progressive groups that stand for fairness and tolerance and are the targets of Coulter’s hateful attacks figured out if every student at the university gave $5 it would equal her fee, and they used her as a fundraiser. The coalition included Equality Ohio, Progress Ohio, People for the American Way, The Human Rights Campaign, National Organization for Women – Cincinnati, Equality Cincinnati and Democracy for Cincinnati.

The coalition waged a "Thank Ann Coulter" campaign to raise money, and they more than raised her speaking fee, reaching their goal of $25,000. Now, they are going for $30,000. While Coulter is spreading her hate to the faithful Young Republicans, a celebratory rally will be held on the other side of the Xavier where the group will present checks to student groups like Xavier Alliance, the Xavier Women's Center, the Black Student Association and others. These are groups Coulter regularly attacks.

For the first time in her life Ann Coulter is doing some good. Although there appears little we can do to counter Coulter’s appearance here in Michigan, we can still help our neighbors to the south and still donate to Counter Coulter.

Congratulations to the students and their supporters at Xavier University.


Cerebus said...

Hate monger and racist? Now there is an intellegent description. Perhaps you should append your comment with "Fair and Balanced"

Communications guru said...

Yes, Hate monger and racist. That’s not only an intelligent description of Coulter, it’s an accurate escription.

Kathy said...

Congrats to the Xavier student group for turning a bad situation into something positive. They should be proud of themselves.

I noticed that Coulter is only receiving $25K to speak in Ohio versus $30K here in Michigan. Have her rates gone down or did Cleary get soaked?

liberalshateusa said...

Ann Coulter Quote of the week.

RENO 911
by Ann Coulter
August 29, 2007

This week, congressional Democrats vowed to investigate Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' firing of himself. Gonzales has said he was not involved in the discussions about his firing and that it was "performance-based," but he couldn't recall the specifics.

Right-wingers like me never trusted Gonzales. But watching Hillary Rodham Clinton literally applaud the announcement of Gonzales' resignation on Monday was more than any human being should have to bear. Liberals' hysteria about Gonzales was surpassed only by their hysteria about his predecessor, John Ashcroft. (Also their hysteria about Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Libby, Rice, Barney and so on. They're very excitable, these Democrats.)

Liberals want to return the office to the glory years of Attorney General Janet Reno!

There is reason to believe Reno is precisely the sort of attorney general that Hillary would nominate, since Reno was widely assumed to be Hillary's pick at the time. As ABC News' Chris Bury reported the day Reno was confirmed: "The search for an attorney general exemplifies Hillary Clinton's circle of influence and its clout. ... The attorney general-designate, Janet Reno, came to the president's attention through Hillary Clinton's brother, Hugh Rodham."

Let's compare attorneys general:

-- Civilians killed by Ashcroft: 0
-- Civilians killed by Gonzales: 0
-- Civilians killed by Reno: 80

Reno's military attack on a religious sect in Waco, Texas, led to the greatest number of citizens ever killed by the government in the history of the United States. More Americans were killed at Waco than were killed at any of the various markers on the left's via dolorosa -- more than Kent State (4 killed), more than the Haymarket Square rebellion (4 killed), more than Three Mile Island (0 killed).

-- Innocent people put in prison by Ashcroft: 0
-- Innocent people put in prison by Gonzales: 0
-- Innocent people put in prison by Reno: at least 1 that I know of

As Dade County (Fla.) state attorney, Janet Reno made a name for herself as one of the leading witch-hunters in the notorious "child molestation" cases from the '80s, when convictions of innocent Americans were won on the basis of heavily coached testimony from small children.

Charged by Reno's office in 1984 with child molestation, Grant Snowden was convicted on the manufactured testimony of one such child, who was 4 years old when the abuse allegedly occurred.

Snowden, the most decorated police officer in the history of the South Miami Police Department, was sentenced to five life terms -- and was imprisoned with people he had put there. Snowden served 11 years before his conviction was finally overturned by a federal court in an opinion that ridiculed the evidence against him and called his trial "fundamentally unfair."

In a massive criminal justice system, mistakes will be made from time to time. But Janet Reno put people like Snowden in prison not only for crimes that they didn't commit -- but also for crimes that never happened. Such was the soccer-mom-induced hysteria of the '80s, when innocent people were prosecuted for fantastical crimes concocted in therapists' offices.

-- Number of obvious civil rights violations ignored by Ashcroft: 0
-- Number of obvious civil rights violations ignored by Gonzales: 0
-- Number of obvious civil rights violations ignored by Reno: at least 1

On Aug. 19, 1991, rabbinical student Yankel Rosenbaum was stabbed to death in Crown Heights by a black racist mob shouting "Kill the Jew!" as retaliation for another Hasidic man killing a black child in a car accident hours earlier.

In a far clearer case of jury nullification than the first Rodney King verdict, a jury composed of nine blacks and three Puerto Ricans acquitted Lemrick Nelson Jr. of the murder -- despite the fact that the police found the bloody murder weapon in his pocket and Rosenbaum's blood on his clothes, and that Rosenbaum, as he lay dying, had identified Nelson as his assailant.

The Hasidic community immediately appealed to the attorney general for a federal civil rights prosecution of Nelson. Reno responded with utter mystification at the idea that anyone's civil rights had been violated.

Civil rights? Where do you get that?

Because they were chanting "Kill the Jew," Rosenbaum is a Jew, and they killed him.

Huh. That's a weird interpretation of "civil rights." It sounds a little harebrained to me, but I guess I could have someone look into it.

It took two years from Nelson's acquittal to get Reno to bring a civil rights case against him.

-- Number of innocent civilians accused of committing heinous crimes by Ashcroft: 0
-- Number of innocent civilians accused of committing heinous crimes by Gonzales: 0
-- Number of innocent civilians accused of committing heinous crimes by Reno: at least 1

Janet Reno presided over the leak of Richard Jewell's name to the media, implicating him in the Atlanta Olympic park bombing in 1996, for which she later apologized. I believe Reno also falsely accused the Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez of violating the law, which I am not including in her record of false accusations, but reminds me of another comparison.

Number of 6-year-old boys deported to totalitarian dictatorships by Ashcroft: 0
Number of 6-year-old boys deported to totalitarian dictatorships by Gonzales: 0
Number of 6-year-old boys deported to totalitarian dictatorships by Reno: 1

Not until Bush became president was the media interested in discussing the shortcomings of the attorney general. Whatever flaws Alberto Gonzales has (John Ashcroft has none), we don't have to go back to the Harding administration to find a worse attorney general.

From the phony child abuse cases of the '80s to the military assault on Americans at Waco, Janet Reno presided over the most egregious attacks on Americans' basic liberties since the Salem witch trials. These outrageous deprivations of life and liberty were not the work of fanatical right-wing prosecutors, but liberals like Janet Reno.

Reno is the sort of wild-eyed zealot trampling on real civil rights that Hillary views as an ideal attorney general, unlike that brute Alberto Gonzales. At least Reno didn't fire any U.S. attorneys!

Oh wait --

Number of U.S. attorneys fired by Ashcroft: 0
Number of U.S. attorneys fired by Gonzales: 8
Number of U.S. attorneys fired by Reno: 93

Communications guru said...

I agree with you, Kathy. I don’t know why there’s a difference between speaking fees. I only know the Cleary fee is accurate. That also does not include expenses.

As for Hate America. Well, we know you love Coulter because she says stupid and untrue things just like you, such as liberals hate America. The real difference between Janet Reno and Alberto Gonzalez is Ms. Reno got the job on her merits and qualifications; Gonzalez got the job because he was a Bush crony.

Reno has never killed anyone. Zero people put in prison by Gonzalez? You can’t be serious? We will never know how many U.S. citizens were taken off the streets and held for months without being charged with a crime. Your queen also forget the number of people tortured by order of Gonzalez.