Jul 15, 2007

'Every picture tells a story don’t it'

“Every picture tells a story don’t it?”

With apologies to Rod Stewart and the Faces, this picture sums up the Republicans commitment to Civil Rights and African-American voters. I recently had a “debate” – more like them attacking me – on a rightwing blog where the joker said Republicans truly represent the black voter better than Democrats. This is why that’s not true.

The NAACP held its 98th annual convention at Cobo Center, and on the final day all the presidential hopefuls were invited. Only one the 10 Republicans bothered.

According to the Detroit News, “Nine of the 10 Republican presidential hopefuls took a pass at attending the Detroit convention. Some in the audience said their absence was a snub, and disrespectful.” That last part is called an understatement.


Johnny C said...

The Republicans represent the black voter? The person who said that must been hitting the pipe way too hard. Thanks to Greg Palast we know the Republicans target black voters in 2000, 2002 and 2004 with caging list. I remember the MI GOP sending in their flying monkeys to harass voters in 2004 slowing down the lines in Detroit. Guru I went to vote in 2004 at 3 I didn't get out until 6 and when I left the line was still long I also remember later that night MI GOP lawyers tried to get inside where the votes were being counted in Detroit. And going back to the 06 election when it became clear to the Amway Dick that he's not going to suck away votes from Granholm in Detroit he went to the old Michigan Republican code word book of talking about welfare.

And I would like to debate any Michigan "black" Republican on these facts.

Stram said...

Johnny C nails it. While voters in minority precincts in Cleveland waited up to 9 hours to vote in 2004 it took me 5 minutes to get in and out of my podunk, lilly white, precinct.

There were some precincts in Cleveland and other large cities that had as few as 4 voting stations and when I walked into my voting place at 5:30 PM, which should have been the busiest time of the day, I had my choice of any of the 10-12 available.

It's great to be white in America!