Feb 14, 2007

Senate Republicans play politics with budget

In just one more case of playing politics with people’s lives and grandstanding by the Republic Party, the Senate Republics voted to reject the Governor’s Executive Order of Feb. 8 that outlines the spending cuts to balance the budget with no plan of their own to address the shortfall.

We saw this very same cowardly and irresponsible act last summer when the Republic Party killed the Single Business Tax (SBT) without a replacement in sight. Again, we see them playing politics and rejecting a responsible but painful proposal that cuts almost $200 million from the current budget.

The Senate Appropriations Committee just rejected it by a vote of 10-7 along party lines. Livingston County’s own, unfortunately, Senator, Valde Garcia, made the motion to reject the EO.

I agree with Sen. Liz Brater, D-Ann Arbor, when she said, “If we are going to reject this, then we need to see some alternatives.”

Well said.

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Anonymous said...

Someday soon and I am sure Republican Michigander is beginning to open his eyes that these Repugs don't give a rats pi-tute about Michigan. They just want to say, no more taxes. Well, it's time for all good people to begin to see the light and see what fiscal responsibility really means. This budget is fiscally responsible.
I am so proud of our Governor, she really cares about the future of our great state of Michigan!
Down with the naysayers! May they lose again in 08!
I am ready for peace, progress and stem cell research.
Let's embrace the future and move forward, liberally!!!