Jan 13, 2009

The fight for the workplace smoking ban begins with the first day of new Legislative session

With the failure of the Conference Committee to come up with a compromise between the Michigan House-passed version of the workplace smoking and the Senate passed version, proponents and supporters of the Michigan workplace smoking ban are back it again just two weeks after the measure died on the last day of the 94th Legislative session.

The renewed fight will kick off, along with the 95th Michigan Legislative session, on Wednesday with a press conference by the American Lung Association of Michigan at 11 a.m. on the Glass Floor Rotunda in the Capitol Building in Lansing.

It will be a busy day that includes the official swearing in of the 45 new Representatives on the first day of session. The press conference will feature ALAM representatives, as well as the person who has been fighting for this important public health issue fro the past 10 years, Sen. Ray Basham, D-Taylor.

The plan is for the bill to be introduced on the first day of session in both the House and Senate. The public is encouraged to attend to show your support and to lobby your Representative and Senator.

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