Apr 29, 2008

Drug-addled gas bag Limbaugh tries to incite riots

Drug addict Rush Limbaugh continues to flirt with breaking the law, this time urging his robot-like radio audience to incite riots.

Limbaugh has been urging his lemmings still voting in primaries to waste their vote by crossing over and voting for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton because the GOP nominee has already been chosen. Limbaugh has labeled his perverting of the democratic process “Operation Chaos.” He took a step further last week when he urged his listeners to incite riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this fall.

“The dream end is this continues right up to the convention, and we have a repeat of 1968 with burning cars, riots and fires,” Limbaugh said on his radio show last week. “That’s the objective.”

Limbaugh is one of the most racist and hate-filled conservative radio talk show hosts among a genre celebrated for its hate-filed tirades against anyone they disagree with. It remains to be seen if Limbaugh will be held accountable for inciting a riot, but his past history indicates that will not be the case.
His “Operation Chaos” move almost got him in trouble, but the Ohio Attorney General's office stated that it would be hard to prosecute anyone for falsifying a change of registration, because of the difficulty of proving a voter's fraudulent intent. Never mind that it disgraces the men and women who scarified and died to win the right to vote. In my lifetime we saw African -Americans and patriotic Americans who were killed, beaten and attacked by dogs for the right to vote in the south, and we allow this man to get away with this.

Limbaugh’s other brush with the law was when he used his housekeeper to doctor shop for prescription OxyContin, aka “Hillbilly Heroin.” Before his brush with the law, he called addicts criminals, saying “they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up.” He changed his tune pretty quickly when he was busted. He avoided jail time by agreeing to 18 months of drug treatment.

It makes you wonder why Republican’s heroes are all criminals.


Anonymous said...

Man you are just throwing everything at him. You know his inciting a riot things was tonque and cheek but you feel you have to continue the far left lies.

By the way bringing up his past drug problem is quite a class act by you. I guess everyone who has a alcohol or drug problem should not have the ability to speak out about anything or I can only assume vote. Oh wait then most democrats would not be able to vote, sorry you would be against that.

By the way I know who you are and why will you not be honest with everyone and tell them of your past abusing of drugs and alcohol?

Communications guru said...

Sorry, he was as serious about rioting as he was about the disgraceful operation chaos. His tongue may be somewhere, but it’s not in his check. What I said is true, and I am not far left. His past drug problems? It’s not the drugs that are the problem, it’s his hypocrisy, and it just illustrates two things. His continued disregard for the law and your worship of criminals. He can vote all he wants.
I could give a shit if you know who I am. It’s no secret. Unlike the coward you are who has to post anonymously; I stand by and take ownership what I write. My name, as everyone knows, is Kevin Shopshire. I have never abused drugs or alcohol.

Anonymous said...

I guess you are keeping to the story line that you did not abuse drugs.

Fine be dishonest

Communications guru said...

Dishonest? Again, I have never abused drugs, who ever you are. If you have any proof I did, I challenge you to produce it, along with your identity, if you have the courage.