Jun 19, 2007

Because we’re No. 3 we try harder

We’re No. 3, we’re No. 3!
According to BlogNetNews.com/Michigan, the Conservative Media is the third most influential political blog in the state. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’ll take the glory because it’s the money I’m not getting from operating this blog.

According to an email I received this weekend from BlogNetNews, it recently launched a new feature “that ranks which Michigan state politics and news blogs are having the most influence on the direction of conversation in the state blogosphere.”

It says its rankings come from data provided from each individual RSS feeds, data from the activity of readers on BlogNetNews.com and data about Internet traffic from third parties. “Each Sunday morning at 12:01 AM, BNN will release a new top 20 list of the blogs most powerfully shaping opinion in the Michigan blogosphere. In order to prevent bloggers from trying to game the system, BNN has kept the exact makeup of the rankings system a trade secret, but it does include, traffic, comments, links, clicks, ratings and other data.”

BNN said it tried out the concept a couple months ago in the Virginia blogosphere where the rankings met with some controversy. It says based on that and the results in Michigan it is an ongoing process. The email also said that because these are weekly rankings -- based only on seven days data -- small and new blogs can have really good showings from time to time while older, more established blogs will show their strength by staying in the top 20 from week to week.

This week I am No. 3 behind Michigan Liberal, the standard we all strive to reach and where many of also post, and behind this week’s No. 1, Our Michigan.


liberalshateusa said...

You must be kidding, of all your posts 97% have no comment, 1 has 1 comment and another has 6 comments. You are a joke to think your site is being read by anyone outside if Howell. Deflate your head.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for the complement. I really enjoyed your in-depth rebuttal of my views.